Group Coaching

If You Are a Professional, Executive or

Business Owner and Need …

… help identifying, clarifying or planning your next steps

… strategies to grow your business & strengthen relationships

… an extra edge, knowhow or push to achieve your goals

… guidance, support or advice to overcome obstacles

… to find purpose, vision or confidence to move forward

… then ClarityWorks Group Coaching is the place for you!

About ClarityWorks Group Coaching: Our group coaching program is designed to address each client’s unique situation, needs and goals in a community setting. It is a group partnership to help explore, identify and create a plan to achieve the results each individual member is looking for. We follow the principle that a united community stands stronger than a single person.

What does it look like? A series of coaching sessions are scheduled bi-weekly over a 6 month period. Sessions are conducted by tele-conference and 1 hour is dedicated to each call. Each session’s agenda includes a review of individually set groundwork assignments, sharing experiences, discussing challenges, checking in with new developments, setting next steps with new groundwork assignments, and time for reflection. In addition, should an issue develop in-between sessions, individual support by email or phone is available as needed.

Group brainstorming and accountability are the keys to achieving results. One of the many benefits of a group coaching program is community participation and support. You have a team cheering for you, encouraging and challenging you to stretch your boundaries to maximize your efforts. With an added advantage of built-in networking!

What is the cost? The best part about group coaching is the affordability. Compared to individual coaching fees, group coaching has a bevy of unique benefits as well as affordable fees. Our group coaching retainer is $660 for a 6 month program … that’s right, only $55 per session, for 12 sessions over 6 months with a community of like-minded individuals determined to achieve results!

Stop struggling on your own … Register TODAY!

Thank you for registering for ClarityWorks Group Coaching. You will receive an email confirmation with payment options shortly.


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