Coaching Circles

If You Are a Professional, Executive or Business Owner and Need …

… help identifying, clarifying or planning your next steps

… strategies to grow your business & strengthen relationships

… an extra edge, knowhow or push to achieve your goals

… guidance, support or advice to overcome obstacles

… to find purpose, vision or confidence to move forward

… then joining a Coaching Circle is the place for you!

About Coaching Circles: Coaching circles are designed to address each client’s unique situation, needs and goals in a small group setting. It is a collaborative partnership to help explore, identify and create a plan to achieve the results each individual member is looking for.

Group brainstorming and accountability are the keys to achieving results. One of the many benefits of a coaching circle is community participation and support. You have a team cheering for you, encouraging and challenging you to stretch your boundaries to maximize your efforts. With an added advantage of peer mentorship and built-in networking!

Invest in your personal and professional success … contact me for more information TODAY!

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