We’re MAKING RAIN again!

January 31, 2014


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The #1 difference between success and failure in today’s business environment is the ability to SELL – your ideas, your products, your services, and most importantly … yourself!

Want to grow your influence? … grow your sales? … grow your business? Want to attract new clients instead of chasing them?

Now you have an opportunity to gain a distinct advantage by attending the half-day MAKING RAIN workshop!

Using a practical, interactive and hands-on approach, this workshop will teach you the art and science of “MAKING RAIN” – selling and marketing yourself, your ideas, your services, and your products. It is designed for professionals whose success is determined by their ability to identify, influence, and sell to decision makers.

In this condensed 4 hour workshop you will learn how to:

• Understand the steps in the Business Development Process

• Avoid the biggest sales mistakes professionals make

• Develop a “sales mindset” and get past the myths that hold you back

• Get both “to” and “through” the front door

• Attract new leads and influence prospects to hire you or buy from you

• Create a powerful prospecting system

• Lead constructive prospect and client meetings

You will take away tools, strategies and tactics to boost your sales and grow your business. For more information visit www.makingrain.info

MAKING RAIN is coming to Toronto, Bloor West Village … Thursday, February 6, 2014 – 8:30am to 12:30pm

Workshop Fee – $197 (Early Bird Fee – $147 – until Feb 3) … use promo code “take-10″ when registering to save an additional 10%

Just one more sale, one more contract, or one more loyal client … what would that be worth to you?


News Flash & Hot Off The Press …

April 26, 2013

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Want to grow your influence?

… grow your sales? … grow your business?

Want to attract new clients instead of chasing them?

It’s been a few tough years and things are looking better … are you sitting back waiting for it to happen? … or are you ready to fully take advantage of the opportunities out there? … are you ready to go beyond surviving, to kicking some business butt?

… join us for MAKING RAIN www.makingrain.info

 Take advantage of the Early Bird Discount & register TODAY!

Untangling the Spaghetti … My Experiences with Social Networking

July 13, 2010

After a long hiatus from blogging, I’m eager to share with you what I’ve been up to … 

I tend to approach any new techno fad with reservation and caution. I’m definitely not one to jump on the band wagon following the latest gismo, gadget or application. Actually, I just purchased my first Blackberry data device after taking a closer look at my needs … will a Blackberry help support my goals, or will it become a new toy and addiction? 

I used the same approach with Social Networking … will building a social network help support my goals, or distract me from them? Here are my results … 

Some advantages I’ve discovered with social networking: 

Compared to standard contact databases, social networks are much easier to keep current & updated – a data base requires constant monitoring and updating as contacts change companies, positions and their contact information. Social network profiles are maintained and updated by each individual contact. 

News feeds – a wonderful resource for checking in with your contacts and seeing what they’re up to. You can then choose to comment on their status, their links or pictures they’ve uploaded onto the network … a great way to increase and expand your visibility, and the visibility of your products/services. 

Status updates – keep in touch with your contacts by letting them know what you’re up to, what’s new & exciting in your business, share an interesting article or observation, and post a question to provoke a discussion. 

Access to your contacts’ network connections – this provides you with an endless resource of individuals to tap into, and, if used appropriately, becomes the equivalent of warm calling (vs cold calling). 

Social Networking is free – no cost (for most basic memberships), just your time! 

Focus groups – it’s easy to join a group (or create one) of individuals with like minded interests, or within a particular niche, industry or specialty.  Once again, this has the potential to vastly increase your visibility to people you otherwise would likely never reach. 

Marketing tool – keep your contacts posted about your business, products or services instantly & cost efficiently. 

Some things to be aware of: 

Time management – participation in social networks can be very addictive. Learn to manage your time wisely, because it’s easy to get caught up in social chit-chat or discussions that do not directly support your goals. 

Personal touch – you can use social networking to start or reinforce a relationship, but building a strong business or personal relationship typically requires a face-to-face connection as well. We are human, after all! 

Your goals – does social networking support your goals, whether business or personal? Will it help or hinder you from achieving them? 

ROI – what is the return on investment for you? Is your time spent on social networking helping you grow your business, build a support network, make new friends or meet a potential life partner? 

Intent – what are you expecting to gain from social networking? Are you joining social networks because it’s “the thing to do”, or do you have an actual intention to achieve something; an objective? 

Choosing a network(s) – which social networks will work for you and which ones won’t? This is a very individual decision based on having clear intentions, goals and objectives for your social networking. Where will you find your target market? 

Stagnate profile – if you create a social network profile be sure to keep it fresh and lively. Update your contact information, experience and status updates regularly. Maintain visibility and accessibility to be a valuable asset to your network. 

I am not a Social Networking guru. I have, however, spent the last few years building a number of networks using several well-known social networking tools – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Plaxo, Ecademy and others. My personal experience has been that, when used effectively, social networking can be very rewarding, both personally and professionally. Below, I have added links to my favorite social networking profiles/pages … I look forward to connecting with you online! 

What is your opinion of Social Networking … and how is it working for you so far? 


If your business or personal growth is being negatively affected by a lack of networking skills, perhaps it’s time to reach out for support. I would be delighted to work with you and explore techniques and strategies to help you network effectively and benefit from the virtual world of Social Networking. Please contact me directly at ulana@clarity-works.com to reserve your complimentary coaching session. 

Ulana Chabursky

Ulana Chabursky, Business & Personal Growth Coach

Together, let’s unleash the networker within you!

How to Mingle in a Room of Strangers

September 28, 2009

Networking is a key ingredient in growing your business, and learning how to work a room successfully is a valuable skill in today’s global economy. It is also a valuable skill for building personal relationships, and it’s much more fun to mingle than to stand alone in a corner during a party.

Let’s begin with shifting our perception of strangers. If you consider that strangers are merely friends you haven’t met yet, then the prospect of engaging a stranger in conversation doesn’t seem so frightening.


Strangers are friends we haven't met yet!

Try the following tips and see what happens:

Find a common connection. Discussing how you’re connected to the event or the host is an easy way to start a conversation. It also invites someone you’ve never met before to open up and feel comfortable around you.  

• Have you attended this conference before?
• How do you know the host/hostess?
• What brings you to this event?

Pay a compliment. Everyone likes to be acknowledged and admired. Following an introduction, notice something you like about the other person. Perhaps it’s a stylish tie or unique pair of earrings. Continue the conversation by asking where the person acquired it. This shows you are genuinely interested in getting to know them better.

• I couldn’t help notice your pendant … it’s absolutely stunning! Where did you get it?
• By the way, you have excellent taste … I was admiring your tie. May I ask where you bought it?
• I love your shoes! Where did you find them?

Explore interests. Asking questions about what someone enjoys doing outside of work opens many areas of conversation. Generally, we like talking about ourselves and we tend to love talking about what we enjoy most in life. You may learn that they love their work or they may share their personal interests. Either way you will learn a lot about them.

• What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?
• Have you visited any interesting places lately?
• How do you celebrate all your hard work?

Find a buddy. You very well may not be the only newcomer in this group. Scope out other “newbies”. Then join forces to meet others. Finding a buddy will ease the discomfort of feeling isolated and out of place. It may also help bring out the socializer in you.

• Hi, my name is Ulana! Are you new to this group, too?
• Hello, are you here by yourself? By the way, my name is Ulana …
• Hi, my name is Ulana! I’m here by myself, may I join you?

Be honest and introduce yourself. Ok, so maybe you are the only newcomer to this group and everyone else is engaged in conversations. Don’t let that prevent you from stepping up, waiting for a lull in the chit chat and introducing yourself. Let them know that you don’t know anyone and would love the opportunity to get to know them. Your sincerity and courage will surely be admired and someone will take you under their wing to continue introducing you to the rest of the group.

• Hi, my name is Ulana! I’m new to this group and I’d love the opportunity to get to know you better.
• Hi, I couldn’t help notice how much fun you seem to be having … my name is Ulana.
• Hello, my name is Ulana … may I join your conversation?

I would love to hear your feedback and your mingling adventures or challenges. Please don’t hesitate to share your comments. 


If your business or personal growth is being negatively affected by a lack of networking skills and strategies, perhaps it’s time to reach out for support. I would be delighted to work with you and explore networking techniques that will work perfectly for you. Please contact me directly at ulana@clarity-works.com to reserve your complimentary coaching session focused on networking.

Ulana Chabursky

Ulana Chabursky, Business & Personal Growth Coach

Together, let’s unleash the networker from within you!

Happy Anniversary!

August 5, 2009

Juri & UlanaThis August 30th, my husband and I are celebrating our 23rd wedding anniversary. We are best friends, lovers, parents, life partners as well as business partners … and it works! Together, we have celebrated many successes and overcame some difficult challenges. Our journey continues with a toolkit of valuable life skills.

If you happen to be married to your business partner, the following tips will help ensure a happy and fulfilling relationship:

1) Clearly define your roles in the business … Who takes the lead on what? And, who is responsible for what?

Why? Because this avoids unnecessary confusion & misunderstandings which may lead to further disagreements, stress & arguments.

2) Understand and agree on your ‘partnership’ … are you equal partners or is there a hierarchy in your company? Is one role strictly support? Is one role perceived as less important/valuable than the other? Are both partners in agreement with this perception?

Why? Because this avoids fueling potential resentments.

3) Appreciate & celebrate each other’s hard work and efforts … don’t take each other for granted in your business environment in the same way you don’t take each other for granted in your personal relationship.

Why? Because these steps are part of a healthy, happy & successful business partnership and personal relationship.

4) Have regular ‘check-in’ meetings to share personal feelings, goals and insights. Are you on the same page? Do you need to make any adjustments?

Why? This keeps the communication channels open to explore self-awareness and potential concerns.

5) Resolve all business misunderstandings/disagreements before they spill into your personal life.

Why? Because this avoids mixing business stresses with your personal relationship.

6) Ensure that your business relationship does not dominate your personal relationship. Regularly spend quality time discussing everything, but ‘business’!

Why? Because this prevents your relationship from becoming one-dimensional. In all likelihood, you didn’t fall in-love and get married for the sole purpose of running a business together.

Happy Anniversary to all you August love birds! What are your personal best tips for nurturing a life partnership?

A Special Invitation …

April 9, 2009

A coaching invitation ...

  • Isn’t it time to create the life you want?
  • Isn’t it time to catch your dreams
      instead of chasing them?
  • What would you be doing now
      if you knew you could not fail?

Working with a ClarityWorks coach will help you transform your life by realizing your true potential and unleashing the greatness from within you.

Take the first step to living your dream by calling us and booking a complimentary coaching session:

Toronto:  416-232-0681          San Diego:  858-672-8706

For more information about ClarityWorks, please visit www.clarity-works.com

Are You Listening?

March 19, 2009

Listening is a powerful skill which most of us tend to take for granted. Listening is different from hearing and requires practice.  We “hear” sounds. We “listen” to understand what the speaker is saying, what they are feeling and to pay attention to what is being said beneath the words.

The highest form of attentive listening.

The highest form of attentive listening.

As a professional coach, I strive every day to improve my listening skills so that I am able to truly “tune in” to my clients needs. Every individual who interacts with others can significantly strengthen both professional and personal relationships by improving their listening skills,  Why? Because, “the most basic of all human needs is the need to understand and be understood … the best way to understand people is to listen to them.” – Ralph Nichols

The month of March is dedicated to celebrating International Listening Awareness. I encourage you to sharpen your listening skills by regularly practicing these helpful techniques …

• Avoid interrupting
• Keep an open mind
• Suspend judgments
• Refrain from making assumptions
• Respect the speaker’s personal space
• Give appropriate eye contact
• Be patient and understanding
• Listen for underlying feelings and subtle messages
• Avoid completing the speaker’s sentences
• Take notes when helpful
• Shut out distractions & focus on what the speaker is saying
• Use interjections to let the speaker know you’re  “tuned in”
• Focus on the speaker’s intentions and not your own

The International Listening Association promotes the study, development, and teaching of listening and the practice of effective listening skills. A wonderful resource for listening tips and techniques is their website, at www.listen.org .

Two ears ... one mouth!

Two ears ... one mouth!

In closing, always keep in mind … “We have two ears and one mouth so we can listen twice as much as we talk.”