Find Your Calm

I have a very busy head and can easily tie myself up in knots with anxious worries, doubts and a never ending to-do list. If I don’t calm all that noise down, it leads to a very stressful and unfulfilling day.

Daily exercise is a great way to relieve the stressful feelings that build up inside me. I have two Goldendoodles that are amazing “treadmills” and don’t give me a choice but to take them for long walks and hikes.

What I feed my body makes a big difference in my mood and energy level. I’ve recognized the importance of eating healthier and more nutritious foods. When I occasionally indulge my cravings, I consider it a treat or reward and am able to feel good about it instead of blaming myself for slipping up.

I start my day with morning meditation and journaling. It helps calm all the busyness in my head, helps me focus on the present and grounds me in the values I hold dear. Over the years, I’ve incorporated several different modalities into my daily practice. Meditation, devotional prayer, positive affirmations, journaling, massage therapy and yoga are all wonderful tools and highly beneficial to your overall self care.

Honoring my faith with practical application is essential in understanding my life journey, providing me with a purpose and path to follow. It gives me unconditional acceptance, comfort, peace and hope. Your spiritual beliefs are a core foundation to your wellbeing.

I give myself permission to be myself. Accepting that I am only human, with many faults and imperfections. That I will stumble and fall. That I am not always right and that I cannot control everything in my life.

The key is to strive to learn from our mistakes, to seek guidance and continue to grow throughout our lives, to be happy in what each day brings, to find joy in everything we already have and to share our love, happiness and passions with others.

Let your light shine brightly, Namaste my friends!