About Ulana

Ulana ChaburskyAre you achieving your goals, targets, life dreams? It can be difficult to juggle work & personal goals in today’s fast paced, constantly changing world. With over 25 years of business, leadership & life experience, I use a blended coaching method that maximizes your results to live a fulfilling & rewarding life both personally & professionally.

Specialties: Professional business, leadership & personal development coaching in both private & corporate sectors, retail & relationship sales, customer service, teambuilding, self & team leadership, developing business & personal relationships, identifying & adapting communication styles, managing difficult conversations & situations, genuineness, compassion and integrity.

What clients say about me:

“Ulana has a unique blend of energy, enthusiasm, compassion, straight good sense and experience that she applies to her coaching. It helped me see change in a surprisingly short time … If you’re looking for someone who will be beside you and on your side, as you struggle with fears, challenges and heavy resistance, Ulana’s the woman for you!” – Project Manager & Learning Technology Professional

“Your expertise in customer service and marketing helped us understand new ways of dealing with our patients and improved overall performance of our pharmacy. Your innovative approach to sales process resulted in new initiatives on our side which we will continue to practice in the future. Your suggestions for advertising brought new customers to our pharmacy store. You motivated all of us to try harder and significantly improve our customer service skills.” – Senior Pharmacist

“Ulana helped me focus on my personal and professional goals and gave clarity to my thoughts.” – Executive Recruiting Specialist

“Ulana helps you understand your worth to your employers / business and more importantly – yourself.” – Corporate Sales Director

“Ulana’s ability to make a client feel comfortable, introspect and reach higher planes with gentle encouragement and the right degree of support – are all very effective. She has a rich body of experience which she beautifully translates to empathy.” – Executive Coach

“As a coach, Ulana has an uncanny ability to see beyond the words, reach deep enough to grab the core issue, and hold up the fewest, simplest steps that make the biggest difference.” – Marketing & Advertising Specialist

“Ulana is immensely passionate about consistently delivering a quality solution to her clients. She is a valued strategic partner.” – Telecommunications Director

Welcome to my Blog … please share your thoughts, ideas, comments and ask me for help and support!

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