Why is Ulana Selling Jewelry?

May 11, 2011

When is the last time you stepped into your customer’s shoes? If you’re finding that your once sure-fire sales strategies and techniques no longer work in today’s marketplace, it may be time to refresh and adjust your approach. A great way to gain perspective on your business environment, your team’s performance and overall customer experience is to step into your customer’s shoes.

Take your business owner hat off and pretend you are the customer. Rate your overall customer experience by observing the following (of course you may add or remove areas of observation depending on your particular business, but the areas below will give you a general idea of what to look for from your customer’s point of view):

First contact experience over the phone or internet. What do you observe?

1) Is your business easy to find in the phone book or on the web?
2) How quickly are you connected to a receptionist or sales associate?
3) If you leave a voice mail message or send an email, is it promptly returned?

Walk across the street from your business location. What do you observe?

1) Is your signage clearly visible?
2) Does your signage catch your attention?
3) Is parking readily available?
4) Is your building well maintained or tired looking?
5) Is your landscaping well maintained?

Next cross the street and enter your building. What do you observe?

1) Are you welcomed by a receptionist / hostess / clerk?
2) Is the atmosphere pleasant and friendly?
3) Are you looked after promptly or do you wait, feeling ignored?
4) If it’s busy, how are you treated?
5) If you need to wait your turn, is there a comfortable place to sit or stand?

What is your customer service experience like?

1) Is the staff pleasant and professional in their manner?
2) Is the staff knowledgeable about your product / service?
3) How are difficult situations, challenges or product / service dissatisfaction handled?
4) Is there a follow-up system in place to ensure customer satisfaction?

How did your business rate? As a customer, would you recommend your business to others? If not, hopefully you are now aware of what adjustments, changes and improvements need to be made.

The question still remains, why am I selling jewellery? Our company, ClarityWorks has made a strategic decision to better understand our clients in their world of business, in today’s market. By personally practicing and therefore refreshing the skills, strategies and techniques I share with my clients, I am better able to relate to and understand their current needs. I’m stepping into my clients’ shoes!

By the way, if you love beautifully handcrafted sterling silver jewellery don’t hesitate to email me and I will gladly share my virtual jewellery box with you … a girl can never have enough bling!!


If your business is being negatively affected by stale sales skills, perhaps it’s time to reach out for support. I would be delighted to work with you and your team, exploring techniques and strategies to help you refresh your sales skills and regain the spark of a successful sales professional. Please contact me directly at ulana@clarity-works.com to reserve your complimentary coaching session.

Ulana Chabursky, Business & Personal Growth Coach

Together, let’s unleash the great sales professional within you!