Happy New Year!

What does the new year hold for you? Exactly what you create it to be! You may argue that we cannot control every aspect of our lives; however, I suggest that we do control the choices we make, as well as our actions, behaviors and perceptions.

In welcoming the new year, did you make resolutions and set new goals for yourself? Excellent! … and, how are you doing so far?

Perhaps you were happy to see 2009 end? … have you reflected on what happened last year? More importantly, did you accept responsibility for your part in affecting the outcome?

Maybe you were sad to say farewell to 2009? … was it a great year because you designed it to be so, or did that happen by chance? If it’s the latter, then of course you’re sad to see 2009 pass by since you have no idea how to create another awesome year.

If you want this year to be a happy one, then use the following ingredients to create your own fulfillment, success and happiness this year and every year …

12 key ingredients for a Happy New Year:

Attitude – strive to be optimistic and positive. You will receive everything you invite into your life; therefore, if you invite optimism and positivity, then you will have it.

Dream – see your life as a journey. Allow yourself to stretch your imagination and discover limitless possibilities.

Health – exercise regularly & maintain a nutritious diet. Your body will respond to how you treat it, so if you ignore your health it will eventually slip away.

Love – nurture close relationships & friendships. A full heart is a happy one and the more love you give, the more you will receive. 

Mindset – use “can” & “will”. View situations as possibilities and opportunities to explore different options. The language you use is a powerful tool to influence your thinking.

Passion – do what you love. With passion comes energy and enthusiasm which will help drive you toward your goals, and persevere when times get tough.

Purpose – take steps with intention. You will achieve your goals when you create a meaningful plan to guide you.

Skill – continuously grow & develop. Adopt a sponge-like mindset for continuous knowledge and exploration, and you won’t be tempted to settle for mediocrity. 

Support – reach out for help. We all need help from time to time, so don’t hesitate to ask for it instead of stumbling in the darkness.

Talent – tap into your strengths. We have all been blessed with talents and when we combine them with passion, we create a powerful and unique strength to use to our advantage.

Vision – have long-term goals to strive for. Design an image of the goals you plan to achieve and continue to reach toward and beyond it.

Wealth – live abundantly in all areas of your life. Strive for happiness and fulfillment rather than financial gain. There’s so much more to life than money.

The recipe for achieving a happy new year is not complicated or in need of a guru’s wisdom to accomplish. It is completely in your control to create. When life throws curve balls your way, take out the ingredients above to adjust the choices you’re making, the actions you’re taking, your behavior, and your perceptions in order to re-create your perfect recipe for happiness and fulfillment.  This is the secret that happy people know. 

I welcome hearing your thoughts, comments and stories. Cheers to a fantastic 2010!


If your business or personal growth is being negatively affected by a lack of happiness and fulfillment, perhaps it’s time to reach out for support. I would be delighted to work with you and explore techniques and strategies to help you realize happiness and fulfillment in your life. Please contact me directly at ulana@clarity-works.com to reserve your complimentary coaching session.

Ulana Chabursky

Ulana Chabursky, Business & Personal Growth Coach

Together, let’s unleash the happiness within you!


4 Responses to Happy New Year!

  1. nataliakbilash says:

    Great blog. I really like your 12 key ingredients!

  2. Everyone in the world needs inspiration and guidance in life and business to progress to the next level. Your 12 key ingredients are fantastic, well done. I look forward to reading more.

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