Happy Anniversary!

August 5, 2009

Juri & UlanaThis August 30th, my husband and I are celebrating our 23rd wedding anniversary. We are best friends, lovers, parents, life partners as well as business partners … and it works! Together, we have celebrated many successes and overcame some difficult challenges. Our journey continues with a toolkit of valuable life skills.

If you happen to be married to your business partner, the following tips will help ensure a happy and fulfilling relationship:

1) Clearly define your roles in the business … Who takes the lead on what? And, who is responsible for what?

Why? Because this avoids unnecessary confusion & misunderstandings which may lead to further disagreements, stress & arguments.

2) Understand and agree on your ‘partnership’ … are you equal partners or is there a hierarchy in your company? Is one role strictly support? Is one role perceived as less important/valuable than the other? Are both partners in agreement with this perception?

Why? Because this avoids fueling potential resentments.

3) Appreciate & celebrate each other’s hard work and efforts … don’t take each other for granted in your business environment in the same way you don’t take each other for granted in your personal relationship.

Why? Because these steps are part of a healthy, happy & successful business partnership and personal relationship.

4) Have regular ‘check-in’ meetings to share personal feelings, goals and insights. Are you on the same page? Do you need to make any adjustments?

Why? This keeps the communication channels open to explore self-awareness and potential concerns.

5) Resolve all business misunderstandings/disagreements before they spill into your personal life.

Why? Because this avoids mixing business stresses with your personal relationship.

6) Ensure that your business relationship does not dominate your personal relationship. Regularly spend quality time discussing everything, but ‘business’!

Why? Because this prevents your relationship from becoming one-dimensional. In all likelihood, you didn’t fall in-love and get married for the sole purpose of running a business together.

Happy Anniversary to all you August love birds! What are your personal best tips for nurturing a life partnership?