Taking a Moment to Acknowledge My Biggest Supporters

February 28, 2009

“We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another”Seagull soaring over La Jolla Shores, CA

I would not be the person I am today without the support and encouragement of my family, friends, colleagues and clients. Recently, a personal loss has reminded me of their unconditional love, compassion and understanding.
Seagulls taking flight over Del Mar Beach, CAThank you for reaching out to me, sharing warm thoughts, drying my tears, helping me find joy, and giving me the strength to move on. In times of celebration and in times of sadness you are always there for me. With your support I am able to soar to new heights!

Celebrating the Circle of Life

February 8, 2009
One of dad's favorite places

One of dad's favorite places

Last night I received the dreaded phone call that we all anticipate at some point in our lives. Today I began the process of making the final arrangements to say farewell to my father for the last time. My grandparents have long passed and my mother has been gone for many years as well. I believe my father is being welcomed with warm and loving embraces from my mother who he has wanted to join in the spiritual world since she left us 18 years ago.

I don’t feel jovial and I don’t feel terribly sad. Instead, I see my father surrounded by familiar smiling faces and I can’t help but think that life’s path has once again shifted direction to where everything is as it should be.

As I continue to reflect, I want to celebrate his life … remember his words of wisdom and undying patriotism. Remember his passion for history and literature. Remember his expressive stories about his life experiences and many adventures. Remember his artistic talents and devotion to faith. Remember his love for the mountains and climbing to the tallest peeks of the High Sierra’s. And also, remember his determination to challenge me to stretch my boundaries …

I certainly stretched my boundaries and challenged him right back. We didn’t always see eye-to-eye and I haven’t always appreciated his words of wisdom. I questioned his opinions and rebelled against his discipline. We agreed to disagree many times.

I will miss my father, and with joyful tears of celebration I bid him farewell … I love you dad … and be sure to give my love to mom!

Is It Too Late to Make New Year’s Resolutions In February?

February 2, 2009

I’ve been attempting to write my next blog for over a month now and have realized that instead of beating myself up for it, I can share with you a perfect example of taking on more than I was able to accomplish …

Many of us welcome the New Year with resolutions and have every intention to successfully achieve our goals. Then, life happens! Day after day we get farther behind in working toward our goals and we begin to feel disillusioned.

This leads me to share with you 10 wonderful resolutions to help you tone your mind, body and soul. And here’s the best part … these resolutions are easy to keep, and you can start implementing them any time you like.
1) Take it one step at a time – stop beating yourself up for not getting done everything you planned to do. Instead, break down your goals into smaller, more achievable pieces.
2) Stretch twice a day – stretching melts away stress and tension. Roll your neck, touch your toes, reach your arms up to the ceiling, alternate between arching and rounding your back and don’t forget to add three deep breaths … you’ll feel refreshed in no time.

3) Go for a walk – if a hectic schedule has kept you away from the gym and you’re falling behind on your exercise program, go for a brisk 30 minute walk during lunch.

4) Call a friend – connecting with friends on a regular basis gives us a strong sense of belonging. If you haven’t had a night out with the guys/gals, it’s time to get back in touch.

5) Take a nap – we are quickly becoming a sleep deprived society. If you’re having a hard time concentrating on a task then take a quick snooze. A mid afternoon nap will help boost your alertness, memory and replenish your energy.

6) Visit your doctor – aside from scheduling a yearly physical, pay attention to how you feel physically and emotionally on a daily basis. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t delay and talk to your doctor.

7) Enjoy a healthy sex life – a healthy body means a healthy libido. Chill the wine, light the candles and enjoy intimacy with your partner regularly.
8) Turn off the TV – instead of vegging on the couch watching television, unwind with a novel, pick up a new hobby or enroll in an online course that interests you.

9) Eat well – stop yo-yoing with the latest diets. Instead, adopt a healthier, well balanced nutritional mindset, including a diet enriched with plenty of fruits and vegetables.
10) Celebrate you – make a point to celebrate even the smallest accomplishments on a daily and weekly basis. You deserve it!