What is Your Theme Song?

March 5, 2008

Have you ever wondered why for centuries warriors have gone into battle with a “battle cry”, or why slogans are used by supporters of a cause to rally fellow supporters? Why is there always a pep rally before an important game, or why is the national anthem played before the start of a tournament? And, why do we have cheerleaders?

Perhaps the answer to these questions lies in how these strange behaviours make us feel … energetic, excited, spirited, daring, passionate, enthusiastic, courageous, adventurous, invincible, unbeatable!

Which brings me to wonder, if I had my own “battle cry” in times of uncertainty would I gain a confident mindset, too? Of course, and I can clearly recall listening to a certain song that boosted my confidence, providing me with extra strength and energy to persevere. This was my theme song.

Can you recall a time when a song came on the radio and immediately lifted your spirits?

The next time you feel uncertain, nervous or doubtful in a situation play or hum your song. If you can’t think of a theme song of your own, it’s ok to borrow one.

A few of my favorites …

California Dreamin’ – Mamas & the Papas

Man! I feel Like a Woman! – Shania Twain

Everything – Michael Bublé

Add your story when a song helped you find the strength to go on …